Xarelto and Joint Pain – One of Many Side Effects of Rivaroxaban?

Xarelto and Joint PainXarelto, commonly known as Rivaroxaban is an anticoagulant medication prescribed for patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis which can lead to pulmonary embolism if the patient undergoes a joint replacement surgery.

It is taken orally to avoid formation of blood clots in the body, which reduces the risk of strokes, especially for people with cardiac conditions. People with artificial heart valves or pace makers installed are also oft advised to use Xarelto.

The dosage depends upon the patient’s condition and doctor’s prescription but the recommended dosage on average is 10mg a day. All that being said, today we’re going to discuss the link between Xarelto and joint pain.

Joint Pain with Xarelto

Many patients who use Xarelto as a blood thinning supplement often complain about pain in their arms, legs and other joints. These issues often get attributed to old age as well, but in reality, among the long list of issues caused by Xarelto, joint pain is observed quite often.

It may not be the most common of side effects but it is definitely one of them. To avoid joint pain because of this medication, you should consult your doctor and get a safe anti-inflammatory drug that can be combined with your Xarelto dosage.

Bleeding as a side effect

The most commonly noticed side effect of using Xarelto regularly is bleeding. Bleeds may range from mild to serious and in some conditions, fatal. The person picks up bruises more easily and those bruises take longer than usual to heal.

A small injury you suffer may bleed for hours, mainly because your blood becomes thinner and flows much more freely without clotting. These side effects may fade away in a few days or may even go on for weeks to come, in which case you should consult your doctor.

Here’s a video summary of Xarelto and its side effects:

Xarelto’s Reactions with Other Medicine

Xarelto may react negatively in combination with some other medicines, which is why it’s important to inform your doctor about any existing prescriptions. The same is true before you undergo any procedures like surgeries or treatments that may involve medication or administration of drugs.

It is also recommended that patients who take Xarelto also regulate their alcohol intake because it is believed to increase the risk of stomach bleeding.

Other common side effects of Xarelto

Apart from joint pain, patients who take Xarelto may also experience one or all of the following symptoms: muscle pain, pain in limbs and general itching.

A lot of times these symptoms are dismissed as natural old-age issues, while they are known to be side effects of the drug. If you face these issues, including soreness of muscles all over the body, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Experiences shared by some Xarelto users



Hi I’ve been on xarelto for 5 months when I was in the hospital I started taking it I started getting a pain in my finger and now its in my hands arms and legs, There sending me to a rheumatologist, I really believe it is from this medication I’m 48 years old and so tired of this pain! will be going to see a rheumatologist in 2 weeks to find out.


Kat57 4 Jun 2015

I am a 57 yr old female and recently completed a 3 month course of zarelto… The joint and muscle pain was horrible, throughout my entire body and has only lessened slightly in the past week. I’m concerned this is not going away. Prior to taking zarelto I had no pain so would also love more input on this topic.

Xarelto Lawsuits

A lot of law firms in the US run ads for patients using Xarelto, who have faced severe side effects like internal bleeding, that, if left untreated, can be fatal. 2015 saw over 2,000 law suits against Xarelto manufacturers Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and the number of cases since then have been going up.

If you have faced similar issues with Xarelto and joint pain, or internal bleeding, you should inform your doctor ASAP and switch medicines. Comment below to share your experience with us and any tips you may have.


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