What Causes Joint Pain in Knees?

Knee Joint Pain Issues

Causes of Knee Joint Pain

Pain in your knees can be caused by various reasons but 95% of patients consider their joints to be the driving source behind knee pains. The exact cause of your knee pain however, can only be determined by examining the symptoms properly. There are different sorts of 21st century treatments that can treat it easily. Yet, almost every person’s experience with knee pain is a different story.

If you are suffering from issues like stiff knee joints and pain in the joints when you move around, the causes below can help you understand your situation better.


Wherever you’ll read or hear about joint paint, it will probably be followed by mentions of arthritis. This happens because arthritis is the most common cause behind joint pain throughout your body.

It may occur to one or both of your knees and the main effects are wearing out joint fluid and inflammation. Both the popular types of arthritis i.e Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis can occur in your knees. OA damages by drying out cartilage fluid while RA causes pain through inflammation.

There is another type of knee joint arthritis called “post-traumatic arthritis”. This kind is mostly discovered among sportsmen or people that have suffered from accidents involving their knees. This issue can occur even when you have recovered from the injury, sometimes after years. Its harmful effects include gradual increase in your knee pain, swelling and even grinding sounds caused due to friction in joints.

Arthritis cannot be completely treated in most cases. Yet there are some very effective therapies to solve this problem for you. A few of these therapies are:

  • Tai chi
  • Warm and cold therapy
  • The heated herbs therapy


Tendonitis is a disease which involves inflammation of your tendons. A tendon is a thick band of tissue which connects bones to muscles inside a joint. Tendonitis may be caused by excessive use of a joint, repetitive movement or an injury. Joints suffering from this condition are known as jumper’s knee or golfer’s elbow. It often occurs in joints that are used more often in daily routine like shoulder, wrist or knee.

A person suffering from this condition experiences slowly rising pains and tenderness in knees. Following are the most common curing techniques for tendonitis:

  • Wearing a supportive knee brace
  • Wrapping with ice until the swelling wears off
  • Applying excessive heat or cold

Meniscus Tear:

The cartilage is divided into different section inside your joint. Meniscus is one of those sections, and an important one. Each knee joint has two meniscuses. Basically it is just a piece of cartilage that gives a cushion between your thigh and shin bones. A tearing injury to this mostly occurs to sportsmen involved in contact sports.

A meniscus tear is fixed by surgery in majority of the cases. Yet some people recover from it by taking proper rest for a long time. If you’ve had a strong contact injury lately and are experiencing pain in your knees, this may be one cause as well.

We hope this article helped you understand the different causes of knee pains and their general treatments. If you have any suggestions or tips, please feel free to comment below and share them.


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