Tomatoes and Joint Pain – Myth or Reality?

joint pain mythsThere’s a 50% probability that every American above the age of 80 will develop a condition causing joint pain, mostly arthritis.

Once this happens, the pain can’t always be cured but there are certain strategies that be used to manage it and certain food items that can be avoided.

Today we’re going to discuss the link between tomatoes and joint pain, since many people believe eating tomatoes makes arthritis worse.

Tomatoes and joint pain

The round pretty veggie we all adore is believed by many to be a very dangerously active supporter of arthritis. It is said to make things worse for patients with joint problems and the hypothetical reason behind this process is based upon “solanine”, a toxic chemical produced by tomatoes.

This chemical is a strong contributor to issues like stiffness, swelling and inflammation of human joints. However, there is no scientific reason backing the fact that tomatoes are harmful – this is just a very famous myth.

Another theory claims that tomatoes have poisonous leaves with them that keep their fragile texture protected from animals and other harmful organisms like bacteria, and these leaves can leave residue that is harmful for your health.

A research which attempted to look into this myth by surveying more than 2,000 people with joint problems found that 20% of those people blamed tomatoes for their condition.

Another test found that more than 12,000 people blamed tomatoes for increase in their uric acid levels, which was also considered a reason for causing swelling, bloating and  general discomfort for people already suffering from joint pain issues.

Tomato Allergy

Tomato allergies are a real thing and believe me they are more common than you think. There are a lot of people that suffer from different kinds of negative tropical reactions when they come in contact with tomatoes whereas many experience the effects upon eating them. The allergy happens because of a person’s protective system being vulnerable to certain proteins.

This hypersensitive condition gives birth to autoimmune problems where antibodies are created in the blood stream because of tomato proteins. Joint pain and worsening arthritis can also be attributed to tomato allergies.


You should start by getting yourself tested for tomato allergies and avoid using tomatoes in your daily diet. If you do end up consuming them, antihistamine medication should help in alleviating any negative symptoms.

Other than that we recommend keeping a food diary and making notes of your daily arthritis issues, including pains in certain joints or body parts. A good way to do that is to install apps for arthritis patients and log everything possible in order to properly diagnose the cause of any sudden pain or worsening symptoms.


There is no conclusive link between consuming tomatoes and worsening arthritis or causing joint pain issues. However, tomatoes can cause certain people with allergies to feel symptoms that can be linked to joint pain or worsen things for patients of RA. The best way to manage such a condition is to get tested for allergies and maintain a food log to analyze the effects of avoiding and consuming tomatoes on your RA condition.


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Having battled severe ankle joint pains due to being overweight, Loraine tries to share all her tips and research which helped her get through her own ordeals. She now leads a healthy and happy life.

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