Gin and Raisins for Joint Pain – A Unique Cure?

gin soaked raisins for joint pain cureJoint pain is one of the most commonly occurring diseases from our era, and in most cases, arthritis is the main reason behind any kind of joint discomfort and pain.

Arthritis has many types and the most distressing one from them is inflammatory arthritis. This is one of the very few joint conditions that aren’t connected to aging. It is particularly brutal on patients that already suffer from some kind of autoimmune disease.

There hasn’t been a properly devised treatment for inflammatory arthritis until now but alongside pain medication and exercise, there are a few traditional remedies that are well known for joint pain treatment, and today we discuss employing gin and raisins to create the folk remedy known as gin soaked raisins.

Does It Work?

Many arthritis patients have recommended this home remedy. However, there has been no scientific study to conclusively prove its efficacy. However, if you do some research, many theories will catch your eye about the “Gin and Raisins” cure. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Some think it works because of the presence of sulphides.
  • Some think it works because of the juniper berries that make gin.
  • It is just because of remission according to most people.

Here’s a video by Millie Garfield, who not only believes this cure helped her joint issues, but also shows you how she prepares these gin soaked raisins.

Origin of this Remedy:

This may be one of the most popular folk remedies for joint pain, but finding its origin isn’t easy. As known by many, the remedy got its first bit of popularity from a radio show in the 1990s. It went on the air when a famous RJ named Paul Harvey talked about it in his show.

This was back in 1974, when Harvey said in his show that the gin and raisins cure for joint issues has been around for a couple decades. His statement was also backed by proponents who highlighted the health benefits of gin and raisins on their own.

How Does it Work?

It’s a very simple method. You’ll need to start by putting golden raisins in a ceramic bowl. Fill the bowl with gin in a quantity that all raisins are soaked in it.

After the gin gets completely absorbed by the raisins, move them into an air tight jar for better preservation.

Consuming 10 of these raisins on a daily basis can cure you from joint pain of any kind. Or so it is said.

It isn’t scientifically understood why the combination of these two items is effective. While on the other hand, it is believed by many nutritionists that some combos of nutrients are way more powerful than any individual food item.

It is clear that this combination works for some people and not for others. But since there aren’t any side effects to worry about, this unique cure is worth a shot if you’re struggling with joint pain.

If you decide to give it a go, please let us know via the comments and share your experience.


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Having battled severe ankle joint pains due to being overweight, Loraine tries to share all her tips and research which helped her get through her own ordeals. She now leads a healthy and happy life.

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