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Learn all about Joint Pain issues, including general causes, treatments and diagnosis of joint issues and differences between them and other muscular and bodily pains.

What Causes Facet Joint Pain? Issues and Treatments

facet joint pain treatments

Facet or Zygapophysial joint is an important part of your back. Basically your spine is comprised of multiple flexible levels that move differently. All these moveable levels are made up of three basic things – vertebral body, intervertebral disc and the facet joint. This means that there are various facet joints in the body; these…

Causes of Jaw Joint Pain, TMJ Pain and Treatment

Jaw Joint Pain Causes

Each joint in your body has its own importance, and each of them play an essential role in the normal functioning and movement of your body parts. Similarly, discomfort or pain in any joint disrupts daily activities. However, when it comes to jaw joints – inconvenience becomes an understatement. Jaw joint pain can affect your…

Can Allergies Cause Joint Pain?

can allergies cause joint pain?

Many people with seasonal allergy problems, apart from their issues with throats, noses and skins, have to suffer from joint pain as well. This is not true for everyone though, but the ratio of allergic people with joint issues is quite high. As a matter of fact, incidences of people suffering from allergies have also…

Sarcoidosis Joint Pain Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment

Sarcoidosis Joint Pain

Sarcoidosis is a fatal disease in which cells form clots by gathering inside different organs of the body, including the joints, leading to Sarcoidosis joint pain. Organs get inflamed during this illness and it often occurs when our body responds to external impurities such as viruses or bacteria. Sarcoidosis affects various important areas of the…

Can Menopause Cause Joint Pain? (Menopausal Arthritis)

menopausal arthritis

Joint pain caused by inflammation of joints affects a lot of people as they age. Along with that, it is also known to be a common issue among menopausal women. As a matter of fact, everyday pain and swelling around joints are the most common symptoms of menopausal joint pain. These kinds of aches are…