Can Cold Weather Cause Joint Pain?

Joint Pains due to cold

Can cold weather cause joint pain?

Almost every common person knows the answer to the question being asked here. This isn’t a medical secret. All of us experience at least some amount of joint pain in the winter season.

People that already have arthritis or joint issues suffer even more in the cold weather. According to a study that inquired people about what triggered their joint pain, around half the people blamed cold weather. The scientific reasoning on this is quite conflicting yet the side supporting it has a slightly heavier side on the balance scale.

Reason for cold affecting joints:

Arthritis is among the main causes of joint pain and we’ll take it as a referencing point to explain the connection between joint pain and cold weather. You’ll find people in every circle claiming they can make a prediction about the weather from the severity in their arthritis pain. Multiple researches upon groups of people with arthritis have given clear indications that a relationship is indeed present between joint paint and cold weather.

The presence of excessive barometric pressure when temperature drops is the most likely reason for your discomfort. The cartilage fluid inside the joints starts to compress as the temperature lowers. Along with that, nerve endings of tissues inside the joint tighten as temperature decreases resulting in joint pain.

Migraine headaches are also triggered in some people by cold weather because change in barometric levels also affects the pressure in the brain.

Treatments for winter pain in joints:

The easiest way to cure cold weather joint pain is to shift to a warmer area where your joints don’t have to suffer every time a cold breeze comes knocking at the door. But not many people can afford making such life style changes. You can consider some easy to do treatments at home that shall strengthen your joints making them more able to survive cold temperatures.

Diet Changes:

  • Vitamin K – Among all vitamins, vitamin K is considered to be the most prolific healer by doctors. The reason is its benefits for the treatment of skin tissues. vitamin K regulates the blood through your body at a faster pace. Consider eating veggies rich in vitamin K or skin creams containing high percentage of this vitamin. Some of the veggies high in vitamin K proportions are broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts.
  • Omega 3 – The omega-3 key unsaturated fat and vitamin D are vital for stabilizing hormone levels and fighting inflammation.
  • Avoid Refined Grains – Multiple Researches have proven that refined grains have an inflammatory effect on our joints. So avoid any form of refined grains to avoid your joints from weakening.
  • Hot Water Bottles – Hot water bottles are good for alleviating joint pain if you fill them up with hot water and use them to treat joint areas that hurt.

Stay on the Move:

One of the major reasons behind joint pain in winters is laziness. People are less likely to exercise due to decreased temperatures. Because no movement in joints will result in stiffness of their tissues, you should try to stay as much on the move as possible.

We hope this post helped you better understand the effects of winter on joint pain and how you can remedy the situation at home. If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, please feel free to comment below and let us know.


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