Can Aspartame Cause Joint Pain?

Aspartame Joint pain causes

Aspartame causes joint pain?

Aspartame is a popular sugar replacement item. It’s a natural sweetener sold with pharmacy brand names like NutraSweet and millions of diabetic patients use this in their daily routine.

You may also find it in most diet food items for the artificial sweetness. With its rising popularity, aspartame has also had to face its fair share of controversy regarding claims that it’s actually bad for human health. Although a 50 mg/kg intake is recommended by the FDA, many try to avoid it because of such rumors, linked to joint pain and even cases of headaches and migraines.

Can Aspartame Cause Joint Pain?

A lot of people using aspartame don’t even consider the possibility that this world wide selling and FDA approved drug could be the reason behind their joint issues. Unfortunately though, it has been concluded by multiple researches that regular usage of aspartame can contribute to arthritis in your joints.

A large number of overweight people around the world consume extremely high quantities of aspartame in their regular routine. This is an item nobody thinks of when they do run into any issues. However, I can say this from experience. I discovered the harmful effects of aspartame when I got annoyed with my weight issues and started a crash diet including yogurt and aspartame sweetened products only. I used to add aspartame to my daily tea and drank smoothies with aspartame sweetening.

My weight wasn’t decreasing as I had expected but the alarming part here was my increased joint pains and headaches. That is when my suspicion shifted to aspartame’s involvement with my problems.

But How?

It is commonly known that an eating routine that involves a lot of sugar can be dangerous for joints. So people try to avoid regular sugar and they shift to these artificial sweetening sugar substitutes. Now in most cases people are sensitive to substances present in items like aspartame.

That sensitivity triggers your immune system to react with an inflammatory response. The inflammation happening here gives rise to arthritis resulting in swelling and joint pain.

A few common and mostly used aspartame containing products are:

  • Chewing gum
  • Lite yogurt products
  • Diet cola drinks
  • Sugar free bakery items

Here’s a great video about the side-effects of Aspartame:

Are There Any Healthy Alternatives?

Having issues because of these artificial sugar items does not mean that you have to eliminate all kinds of sweet items from your life. Neither are you forbidden to enjoy your dessert treats — you just have to choose the ingredients wisely.

Don’t switch back to regular sugar. Consider sweetening your daily food items with these natural alternatives:

  • Maple syrup.
  • Fruit nectar
  • Pure honey
  • Fruit juices

However, while these products may be natural, this doesn’t mean you can eat them as much as you want. There are still a lot of harmful effects caused by high blood sugar levels.

Our aim in this article was to educate people about joint pain caused by aspartame. We hope it was helpful. If you have any suggestions or want to share your own experiences, please comment below and let us know.


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