Can Allergies Cause Joint Pain?

can allergies cause joint pain?Many people with seasonal allergy problems, apart from their issues with throats, noses and skins, have to suffer from joint pain as well. This is not true for everyone though, but the ratio of allergic people with joint issues is quite high.

As a matter of fact, incidences of people suffering from allergies have also been on the rise in the United States. Technically speaking, allergies or allergic reactions are caused by your immune system’s sensitivity to particles in the environment.

But having an allergy and joint pain at the same time can also be a co-incidence, don’t you think? In this post we are going to discuss the link between allergies and joint pain and also consider remedies if any.

Can allergies cause joint pain?

The simple answer here is a ‘YES’. Allergies can be a cause of joint pain. The most common condition in this respect is known as “hypersensitivity vasculitis”.

Vasculitis is a state in which all of our body’s blood vessels get inflamed. Due to this process of inflammation, severe aching is experienced in multiple joints. Most of these joint pains are seasonal and short term though and shouldn’t worry you too much.

The Confusion

In case you haven’t had a lot of experience with allergies, it will be pretty difficult for you to differentiate between the symptoms. I should tell you from my own experience that a fair amount of symptoms during joint pain and allergies actually overlap with each other.

The pain you feel in your joints because of the changing season may be because of your seasonal allergy. But at the same time there’s a strong chance that a cold is the culprit behind it.

You’ll have to consider a long list of symptoms and compare them to give a verdict about which issue is causing joint pain in reality.

For example if your joint pain is accompanied by itchy skin and a sneezing nose, there is a higher probability of allergies being the cause of it. While on the other hand if your joint pain comes with a fever, it is likely the result of catching cold.

How to prevent allergic joint pain?

Hypersensitivity is a safety reaction of your body often triggered by your body’s exposure to a certain drug, particle, food, or plant. In a few cases a fatal virus like HIV or hepatitis may also be the reason behind these allergic reactions.

The best way to avoid joint pain due to allergies is to know your allergies via blood tests and then take precautions to avoid them. For instance, people known to be allergic to pollen and particles in the air that are part of seasonal changes, are advised to wear breathing masks. Similarly there are several over the counter medicines for allergies and you can also get anti-allergic medicines prescribed by your doctor for daily use in extreme cases.

We hope this post was helpful for you in understanding the link between allergies and joint pain. If you have any suggestions, tips or experiences to share, please feel free to comment below.


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