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Having battled severe ankle joint pains due to being overweight, Loraine tries to share all her tips and research which helped her get through her own ordeals. She now leads a healthy and happy life.

Sarcoidosis Joint Pain Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment

Sarcoidosis Joint Pain

Sarcoidosis is a fatal disease in which cells form clots by gathering inside different organs of the body, including the joints, leading to Sarcoidosis joint pain. Organs get inflamed during this illness and it often occurs when our body responds to external impurities such as viruses or bacteria. Sarcoidosis affects various important areas of the…

5 Best Painkillers for Joint Pain Relief

pain killers for joint pain

Joints that swell up because of arthritis or any other inflammatory condition can cause a lot of discomfort. If you’ve suffered from this kind of pain you’ll know the worth of relief in such situations. Joint pain patients often try to fix their condition by exercising or taking instant pain relievers orally and most of…

Can Cold Weather Cause Joint Pain?

Joint Pains due to cold

Almost every common person knows the answer to the question being asked here. This isn’t a medical secret. All of us experience at least some amount of joint pain in the winter season. People that already have arthritis or joint issues suffer even more in the cold weather. According to a study that inquired people…

Differences and Causes of Body and Joint Pains with Treatments

Body pain or joint pain?

Body pain is generally comprised of two main types of pain, joint pain and muscle pain. Most people confuse these two types of pain with each other, but it is very important to understand the causes, differences and treatments for both. Muscles basically support your skeletal system and allow for movement and motor activity, while…