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Having battled severe ankle joint pains due to being overweight, Loraine tries to share all her tips and research which helped her get through her own ordeals. She now leads a healthy and happy life.

Tomatoes and Joint Pain – Myth or Reality?

joint pain myths

There’s a 50% probability that every American above the age of 80 will develop a condition causing joint pain, mostly arthritis. Once this happens, the pain can’t always be cured but there are certain strategies that be used to manage it and certain food items that can be avoided. Today we’re going to discuss the…

Relaxin Hormone and Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Joint Pain

Relaxin is an important hormone produced in the human body which is mainly related to pregnancy and other reproductive functions in females. This hormone also has a persistent effect on the body’s skeletal and joint system, lengthening ligaments and consequently leading to pregnancy joint pain. Do note however that pregnancy can and most likely will,…

Gin and Raisins for Joint Pain – A Unique Cure?

gin soaked raisins for joint pain cure

Joint pain is one of the most commonly occurring diseases from our era, and in most cases, arthritis is the main reason behind any kind of joint discomfort and pain. Arthritis has many types and the most distressing one from them is inflammatory arthritis. This is one of the very few joint conditions that aren’t…

What Causes Facet Joint Pain? Issues and Treatments

facet joint pain treatments

Facet or Zygapophysial joint is an important part of your back. Basically your spine is comprised of multiple flexible levels that move differently. All these moveable levels are made up of three basic things – vertebral body, intervertebral disc and the facet joint. This means that there are various facet joints in the body; these…

Can Allergies Cause Joint Pain?

can allergies cause joint pain?

Many people with seasonal allergy problems, apart from their issues with throats, noses and skins, have to suffer from joint pain as well. This is not true for everyone though, but the ratio of allergic people with joint issues is quite high. As a matter of fact, incidences of people suffering from allergies have also…