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Jeremy loves traveling around the world and has spent a couple of years in Africa, which he believes were transformative for him. He studied medicine for a few years before switching to law but still loves writing about medical issues and research.

AC Joint Pain Causes (Acromioclavicular Joint Problems)

AC Joint Pain Issues

The AC (acromio-clavicular) joint is the linking socket that joins your collarbone and shoulder blade tip together. This joint can be felt from your bare hand if you place it above your shoulder and feel for a slight bump rising a few centimetres vertically from the surface. The AC joint plays a vital role in…

Distal Interphalangeal Joint Pain? Causes and Treatments

DIP Joint Pain Issues

The Interphalangeal joint, commonly known as DIP (Distal Interphalangeal Joint) is the connecting joint at the very end of your fingers. Each one of your fingers contains a DIP joint which has a very peculiar shape. The joint is dome shaped towards the hand and contains curves on its other end. The main purpose of…

What Causes Big Toe Joint Pain? Common Types & Treatments

big toe joint pain causes and treatment

Big toe joint pain is felt when your toe joint swells up due to inflammation and your foot cannot perform its flexible movements properly. Often, the big toe joints are affected by regular wear and tear of life and is an issue that mostly affects seniors or over weight individuals. Interestingly, women who wear heeled…

Can Calcium Deficiency Cause Joint Pain?

Can Calcium Deficiency Cause Joint Pain?

Calcium deficiency, also called “hypocalcemia” is a disease in which your body’s overall calcium levels fall below the recommended point. Calcium is among the minerals which are of great importance to normal bodily functions. Even some body parts are made using calcium, including your nails. body’s overall health. Different components of the body from your…