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Jeremy loves traveling around the world and has spent a couple of years in Africa, which he believes were transformative for him. He studied medicine for a few years before switching to law but still loves writing about medical issues and research.

Can Liver Disease Lead to Joint Pain?

joint pain due to liver disease

The human liver plays a vital role in the body’s proper functioning. And if something happens to it the whole body bears the effect with it. It is the largest glandular organ in the body and is responsible for detoxification and metabolism along with the secretion of bile and synthesis of some essential proteins. Given…

Xarelto and Joint Pain – One of Many Side Effects of Rivaroxaban?

Xarelto and Joint Pain

Xarelto, commonly known as Rivaroxaban is an anticoagulant medication prescribed for patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis which can lead to pulmonary embolism if the patient undergoes a joint replacement surgery. It is taken orally to avoid formation of blood clots in the body, which reduces the risk of strokes, especially for people with cardiac…

Astaxanthin for Arthritis, Joint Pain and Inflammation Relief

Astaxanthin for RA

Astaxanthin is a joint pain reliever and natural carotenoid that can be found in various living organisms like shrimp, lobster, algae and other sea species. These are pigments that are abundant in nature and can aid with good health. Astaxanthin is considered to be the most important and effective one among carotenoids. If we talk…

Can Yoga help Arthritis Joint Pain? Reasons & Exercises

yoga for joint pain and arthritis

Yoga is a practice of relaxing your body through meditation. It’s a combination of physical and respiratory movements. This traditional exercise method goes back almost 5000 years into Indian history. But alongside mental peace, can it also provide your body ease from joint problems? Let’s find out. Yoga has been approved by thousands of fitness experts…

Best Treatments for Knee Joint Pain (Physiotherapy, Heat & Cold, Acupuncture)

knee joint treatments

There can be various causes for knee joint pain, but the exact cause can only be diagnosed by examining the symptoms properly. Treatments for knee joint pain are similarly various but what will work for you will depend on the severity and type of your knee joint pain condition. In this article, we will be…