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Having grown up in Blackfen, Amelia was unsure about moving to the Middle East but ended up taking a job with a multi-national health and fitness company where she now advises clients about lifestyle changes and dietary plans.

Thyroid and Joint Pain – Hyper and Hypothyroidism, Joint Pain and Remedies

thyroid gland, hyper, hypothyroidism

The human thyroid is a very vital gland present near your throat which controls your overall metabolism. It has an abstract shape, is ductless and works 24/7 to produce hormones like T4 and T3, that regulate growth, development and metabolism. Unfortunately, like any other part of the body, the thyroid gland can also suffer from…

Causes of Jaw Joint Pain, TMJ Pain and Treatment

Jaw Joint Pain Causes

Each joint in your body has its own importance, and each of them play an essential role in the normal functioning and movement of your body parts. Similarly, discomfort or pain in any joint disrupts daily activities. However, when it comes to jaw joints – inconvenience becomes an understatement. Jaw joint pain can affect your…

Can Menopause Cause Joint Pain? (Menopausal Arthritis)

menopausal arthritis

Joint pain caused by inflammation of joints affects a lot of people as they age. Along with that, it is also known to be a common issue among menopausal women. As a matter of fact, everyday pain and swelling around joints are the most common symptoms of menopausal joint pain. These kinds of aches are…

Can Low Iron Cause Joint Pain? (Anemia and Joint Pain)

Low Blood Iron and Joint Pain

A lot of people ask whether low iron can cause joint pain? Before answering this question, let me explain what low iron actually is. The state of iron deficiency in human blood stream is referred to as a disease, commonly known as “Anemia”. Anemia means “absence of blood” in Latin. In this condition, the production…

Can Aspartame Cause Joint Pain?

Aspartame Joint pain causes

Aspartame is a popular sugar replacement item. It’s a natural sweetener sold with pharmacy brand names like NutraSweet and millions of diabetic patients use this in their daily routine. You may also find it in most diet food items for the artificial sweetness. With its rising popularity, aspartame has also had to face its fair…